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Kitty Candy has developed homeopathic products that understands the vaginal ecosystem as well as how it maintains vaginal balance, which empowers women to work with their bodies for their best health. Adoring balance and wellness of feminine health is an essential component of being a confident woman. 

While certainly similar, all vaginas are unique and a totally amazing body part that can be a source of pleasure but it also can help create and bring new life into the world. On top of all that, it has the extraordinary ability to keep itself clean by secreting natural fluids and maintaining a healthy pH to encourage the growth of good bacteria and discourage harmful bacteria from moving in. Despite being so important, many women are never taught the vital role that pH plays in their vaginal health or how to keep it in balance. Vaginal health and pH balance is a vital component to an intricate system, which contributes to a larger role in our overall health. Kitty Candy products believe and thrive off of adoring balance and wellness, along with a lot of self love which is an essential component of being a confident woman.


Kitty Candy was developed as a complete line of all natural products to tackle the root cause of common, personal, and emotionally significant feminine issues.  Imbalanced vaginal pH is one of the main contributors to a plectra of symptoms that causes feminine health problems. Kitty Candy wanted to open a door to modern society for women to were women feel reasonable and comfortable about their feminine life. We don’t women to have to hide unwanted feminine symptoms, we want to eliminate it with confidence. Our mission is to help you rid yourself of  vaginal symptoms that controls your life and put you in the drivers seat! So you can feel at your best with Kitty Candy feminine health products. 


Why choose Kitty Candy? Because we pride ourselves in catering to women to promote natural, safe and effective personal care products that we deserve.  



LaTrice Madison 




Founder’s Note

The main goal of Kitty Candy is to help diminish the stigmas associated with speaking about vaginal health, which will eliminate the discomfort surrounding vaginal health because all women in fact experience vaginal health issues some point in their lives, which is completely normal.

 I coined the name Kitty Candy while thinking about the embarrassing names and stigmas associated with other over the counter products.  I felt the name Kitty Candy was cute, fun and vibrant enough to make a woman feel confident about having feminine hygiene products out in the open. My main goal is for women to feel good about one of the most powerful parts of her body. Feminine hygiene is utterly an essential area for women and most lack the knowledge and resources to conquer it. Adding to that, maintaining appropriate hygiene for the intimate area is one of the most significant factors in the female reproductive system, sexual health, and overall quality of life. Since a child, I was very passionate about beautifying, healing, and adoring people. It is a total joy for me to see women united, strong, and confident. I believe we as women can banish the stigmas associated with feminine health and wellness together.




Founder & Ceo 

Kitty Candy LLC