Candy Wash

New Formula
With Apple Seed Extract & Aloe Vera

pH Balancing 
Feminine Foaming Wash

 100 % natural | pH Balance of 3.8 -4.5 
Cleanse your feminine area with delightful foaming bubbles without the need to lather up.

Kitty Candy ®️ Candy Wash is gently fruit infused cleanser that is a perfect all natural choice for daily use to cleanse, deodorize and soothe with every shower or bath. 

Apple Seed extract and Aloe Vera softens, nourishes, protects and hydrates the skin. This combination is prized for its ability to promote cell renewal and increase collagen synthesis. Which keeps the the external skin healthy, tight and supple. 

Our product is uniquely formulated and enriched with plant derived ingredients that gently restores your pH balance while eliminating bacteria and odors leaving you feeling fresh all day.

* No Parabens
* Sulfate free
* Dye free
* Hypoallergenic 
* No Harmful chemicals
* Antibacterial formula

With clean hands pump 1-2 squirts of Kitty Wash then apply to the external area of the vagina. Cleanse from front to back, between the folds and rinse well with lukewarm water. 

Distilled water, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera extract, rose hydrosol, apple seed extract, organic coconut oil, sunflower oil, organic calendula oil, olive oil, menthol, rice extract

For external use only

Candy Wash