Kitty Candy Elixir Set 
Kitty Candy Elixirs are a daily vaginal moisturizer that provides continuous comfort and fragrance that alleviates irritation of the outside skin surrounding the vagina.
The same hormonal changes that cause internal vaginal dryness can also contribute to external discomfort.

Select an Elixir:

1)Effusion Elixir
2)Cake Elixir
3)Yum Yum Elixir
4)Naked Kitty Elixir
5)Kitty Baby Elixir
6)Fresh Elixir
7)Tropical Elixir 
8)Glacé Elixir
9)Forbidden Elixir 
10)Cherry Bomb Elixir

Use alone (external use only), or combined together in exquisite sensory recipes. Each flavor has its own signature fragrance combine with Kitty Candy’s unique healing properties infused with natural herbs.
You can choose these delicately scented Elixirs for your needs of different moods and occasions.
Infused Herbs:  Some herbs in the Elixirs will give a warm sensation due to their medicinal properties when first applying but will subside.
	Calendula - to promote tissue regeneration and soothe dry, itchy membranes
	Chickweed - to reduce itching, restore elasticity, and speed the healing process*
	Comfrey - to boost growth of new cells, help relieve pain and inflammation 
	Marshmallow Root - to lubricate the vagina, quell itches, and plump tissue
	Neem - gently discourages the growth of the bad bacteria while refreshing dry, irritated skin
	Plantain - to ease itches while helping the natural healing process to close small injuries and microtears

Handmade fragrance elixir derived for organic plants, fruits and oil to aid the deodorizing and frangrance.

Kitty Candy Elixir Set


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