Kitty Candy ®️Rapid Relief Kit Feminine Care Kit for Rapid Relief of Chronic Vaginal symptoms.

4 piece Kit includes:

-Kitty Wash

-The Extractor

-Kitty Tester

-Elixir ( Your choice)


Select an Elixir:

1)Effusion Elixir

2)Kitty Cake Elixir

3)Kitty Yum Yum Elixir

4)Kitty Colada Elixir

5)Kitty Luscious Elixir

6)Naked Kitty Elixir

7)Kitty Baby Elixir

8)Kitty Cherry Bomb


Our Rapid Relief Kitty Kit is a one month supply of essential feminine products that will aid in the promotion of a healthier, refreshed and rejuvenated vaginal life. The Rapid Relief Kit is created for women who have reoccurring vaginal symptoms and a sensitive feminine area. It effectively balances vaginal pH with our uniquely formulated suppositories, pH balancing wash, one (1) vaginal pH balancing tester and your choice of an elixir. This kit will help keep deodorize, moisturize, and balance the outer feminine area for all day freshness!

Rapid Relief Kitty Kit

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