Kitty Candy ®️Monthly Maintenance Kit 

A Feminine Care Kit for after you menstrual cycle!
Ever wanted the effects to cease immediately after your menstrual cycle is over? 

The lingering symptoms that are associated with the end of your menstrual cycle can be a quite a nuisance and disrupt your intimate life! 

4 piece Kit includes:
Kitty Wash
The Balancer
Select an Elixir:

-Effusion Elixir
-Cake Elixir
-Yum Yum Elixir
-Naked Kitty Elixir
-Baby Elixir
-Glacé Elixir
-Kisses Elixir
-Nude Elixir
-Exotic Elixir
-Glaze Elixir 

Our Monthly Maintenance Kit is a one month supply of essential feminine products that will aid in the balancing of the pH after your period is over.

The Monthly Maintenance Kit effectively balances the vaginal pH after your period with our uniquely formulated feminine hygiene products. 

Included items are: The Balancer, Two (2) suppository treatments. Kitty Wash, pH balancing wash, Kitty Tester one (1) vaginal pH balancing tester and your choice of Elixir for deodorizing, moisturizing, balancing and neutralizing the outer feminine area for all day freshness! 

Kitty Candy ®️Monthly Maintenance Kit will banish unwanted odors, discharge and symptoms after your period! So you can confidently enjoy a harmonious and symptom free vaginal environment!

Monthly Maintenance Kitty Kit