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I love kitty candy its the best!!


I used the pH test was on the high scale. No odor or anything but I used after my cycle and it immediately worked to subside the discharge.


What a pleasant surprise they worked as promised! Would recommended and buy again.


I didn’t have any symptoms, I just wanted to use to freshen up before going to visit my man in Denver. I did not have a smell before, but the Expeller completely neutralize and had me smelling like nothing. Simply amazing... it’s natural and worked! Use it the day before!


Work as stated. I recommend to use a night. I like the elixir a lot. Stay fresh all day with.


Lemme tell you!!!!! Relief after about 8 hours! Took it before I went to work! And when I got home and took a shower! Shit, I smell nothing. Seriously I always have a slight smell. But I smelled nothing! Excuse the bluntness. I get BV easily after sex and I hate the smell ugh! but this just works. I thought It was going to be some new age crap, but it works! Just buy it, try it. Your pussy will thank you later.


Firstly I’m loving the name! I received my order and by gosh the elixir smells amazing. The suppositories worked for clearing the after period junk! The elixir yummmy


It’s organic and all natural so I gave it a try. Normally I would never use a sample anything for my girl parts. But the packing was cute and the website is legit so I used it. I’m happy I did, it felt so clean and rejuvenated. While using it you may want to use a pad, you will release fluids and it has a texture to it. After I showered and cleaned up, there was no smell. I purchased the Elixir and used a dime size after. I smelled so good all day. I’m shocked. Never found a product like this other than from the doctor. Denise


Suffered from chronic BV and yeast infections for a while and I’ve been using this product long before she had a website. It’s changed my life.


Absolutely no smell after using it! Thats something great


It worked within a day. I am quite frankly impressed. I use it after a period or when I feel that tingle. Leslie


I received as a sample and It worked very well. Not only did it cleanse me, it added moisture.

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