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First, I'd like to say that the customer service for this company is awesome. I made an address error when I ordered that caused my order to be delayed and the owner was very patient with me, quick to respond to my contact, and ensured that I quickly received everything that ordered and more. The products are amazing!!!! So far, I have used the feminine wash and 4 different elixirs and these products keep me smelling GREAT throughout the day like no other product ever has. I do not ever want to be without them and I have been recommending the product to friends. The only thing that would make it better is if it somehow tasted as sweet as it smells, lol. Thank you so much for sharing your creation with the rest of us! You and your products are amazing!


These products are so bomb. Customer forever

Malana T.

I never leave reviews, however I had to leave one about these products. I ordered Rapid relief kit along with the Balancer on 12-2-19, and received my items on 12-7-19. I tried to use the Balancer im assuming I didn’t use it correctly, and I notified Customer service to just ask a question if I was using it correctly. You guys the Owner Ms Madison personally called me to explain how to use her product and that she has sent me another Balancer in the mail because she said she wanted me to get the full benefits of her products. She was very kind and very professional and so down to earth. I told her No she didn’t have to do that at all. I used the extractor and ladies I tell you these products work almost within a few hours, I suffer from BV a few times a year from hormones/off PH, and it worked overnight so the next day the smell was immediately gone, no discharge, and my kitty felt very exuberant. I also used the foaming wash, which made me feel so clean and fresh and oh my the menthol cooling sensation felt so amazing down there. I also used the cake Elixir after which provided great moisture and it smelled so amazing and my husband agreed. The texture of the Elixir is not oily at all the formula is like a dry oil, but it provides great moisture and it smells just like Cake. I am forever a customer and will be telling everyone that I know about these products. All the products are ALL NATURAL which makes me feel great about what goes inside/outside my body. These products do exactly as they claim, but better and worked for me within a few hours of inserting the Extractor. I am very sensitive to a lot of things that go in/out of my body and none of the products irritated me or broke me out. Ladies you need to get your hands on these products because they are worth every penny. I am going to place another order next week because I don’t want to run out and have a back-up for traveling.

Valerie Williams

I have ordered from this company 3 times and i am VERY pleased. I ordered the monthly maintenance kit and i LOVE the balancer. It does exactly what is says. I also ordered the cake and maked elixer and both smell amazing. I just ordered the elixer set and cant wait to smell the other fragrances. My husband loves the elixers also. He always complained about the feminine deodorant spay and was glad i stumbled across this company. Overall, i love everything purchased so far and the delivery is fast. I will never go back to the over the counter products


I tend to be prone to yeast and/ or bacterial infections between hormonal changes due to birth control and extreme stress. I am so glad I decided to try these products bc the Extractor seemed perfect for what I had been experiencing and when I tell you I have zero discharge or irritation now, I mean zero! A week of antibiotics prescribed from my doctor for BV didn’t even clear things up for me like this did! (Not taken in conjunction with one another). I also got the Effusion Elixir and use it daily. I feel like she is much more balanced now and the oil is lubricating to the skin to keep the skin down there healthy. My partner is very well endowed and would often tear me during sex which was so painful!! My OBGYN had recommended I use vaseline daily down there to keep the skin lubricated to minimize the tearing (they recommend this to expecting mothers as well to help prepare the skin for stretching) but the Elixir oil works sooo much better for keeping the tissue moisturized and I haven’t had a tear since I started using it. I’m a customer for life! No more artificial products, these natural ingredient products work and are clearly much more friendly to my sensitive body and her needs! Thank you so much!!!


I found these products from Essence Magazine. I purchased the Monthly Maintenance and I fell in love, not only did the products make me feel so refreshed. They made me feel myself. I love when I find beneficial products that actually have a soul purpose behind them. Very nice and soothing products. - Noah 😇


I use to get bad yeast infections and BV. Typically it happened after my period went off. I tried so many products, use monistat, other feminine sprays etc. I went to the doctor and they said it could be my lifestyle.... I work, go to college and home. I didn’t understand what was going on but it was embarrassing. This product literally took all of my symptoms away. The discharge, awful smell, itching. I only bought it because I seen it on Ig. But I’m so thankful. This product really works. I’m on month 2 and I finally feel like I can have a sense of relief that the smell and etc won’t come back! These products are beyond amazing.


First off the product is amazing! They all smell divine but I've tested out the Original Kitty Candy oil and it smells so good! A little goes a long way, the smell is long lasting but not too strong. The shipping was SO fast!! And customer service was impeccable!! A+ all around!! Thank you!


These products are heaven sent! Ordered the Naked Elixir (smells amazing!), pH feminine wash (I LOVE this stuff), and extractor (haven't tried yet since I just received it). Also, a HUGE S/O to the owner of these products as well! She contacted me personally to fix an issue that occurred as my products were in transit and she sent a new one out right away...just received it today! Looking forward to trying more products. I'll definitely be ordering again...was very pleased with everything!


I heard of this from someone's YouTube channel. I'm so glad I listened and checked KC out! I have about 6 elixirs and my favorite so far is the cake. It keeps me moisturized and smelling great! Very good strong smell. I had noticed 5 months ago that I had a growth down there. I believe it was HPV. I was nervous bc my GYN appt wasnt for months later. I started using this stuff and didnt feel down there bc the growth brought me so much anxiety. By time I went to my apt.the dr was like...what growth?? She didn't see anything! This was 2 months after I started using the elixir. I dont know if it had anything to do with anything but I can say that I smell and feel great and my bf is has laid his face in my crotch just bc he loved what he was smelling, months is some good stuff. The extract is really good too. I use it after my periods. This is such a cute concept brought to real life. Ya'll got me buying up here for thr 3rd time and I plan to come back for more.


I got the wash extractor and an elixir and I feel like a new woman. I'm no longer worried about excess discharge and the pum pum is feeling so nice. after being intimate with my husband he turns to me and goes who reupholstered your pussy? (line from blame game/kanye west). Kitty candy reupholstered my pussy. Thank you.


Amazing, amazing ,amazing! I have a sensitive vagina and none of these products bother me at all. the elixir omg 😍 best shit since slice bread. I'm so moisturized and smelling super fresh . Customer for life


I love kitty candy


The expeller work so good and The tightening stick was amazing!


I received my package earlier than expected due to me selecting standard shipping. My order came discretely packaged with the content secured by an outside bag and a mailer box inside. The Kitty Candy product packing is so cute I sat on my counter. It’s so satisfying to have a product like such and not feel ashamed. I ordered the balancer, kitty Cake, Kitty Wash, kitty Douche and Kitty Cherry bomb. I freaking adore this product. I use the elixir all over my body I must admit! It’s refreshing!


The balancer worked so amazing! Trying some elixir next!


I ordered the Kitty Kandy Ph Balance wash and three elixirs. I must say I’m very impressed. That wash is so refreshing and cleans the kitty without any problems. The elixirs I use daily and it lasts literally all day. I work in all the elements and when I tell you I smell just as fresh as I did when I first took my shower and used the 2-3 drops. It doesn’t take much and it’s oiled based.


Amazing Amazing Amazing!! I purchased the Balancer since my "aunt flow" was leaving lol….and it worked great. It took that after menstrual smell away and it smelled great. I also got the Elixir oil and it has me ready for some action. Im officially hooked and in love with myself even more!!!


I cannot stop raving abt these products FINALLY SOMETHING THT DOES EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS IT WILL, not only does it make ur lady parts smell amazing but it FEELS sooo good an soft and moisturized AND HEALTHY!!!!!!


One of the best feminine hygiene products on the market. You compare the ingredients to what is another product and you just can’t go wrong with KITTY CANDY! The wash and the elixirs are my favorite. Just can’t go wrong!


Listen, I’m honestly trying not to cry while typing this. I have been suffering with reoccurring BV and yeast infections since I decided to go on birth control at 20 years old (I’m 26 now). I’ve tried every antibiotic the doctor could prescribe and it only made the situation worse. I really didn’t know what to do. I have a clean diet. I drink a lot of water, but nothing worked. I saw an ad for Kitty Candy on instagram, and I’m so glad I did! “The extractor” changed my entire life. I had a little issue with figuring out how to use it properly, but I figured it out. After the first day, I just cried, because I had no symptoms. And don’t get me started on the “Yum Yum Elixir”. It is the best smell ever!!! The kitty wash also had me so excited. It leaves me feeling so clean, but it doesn’t feel like it’s drying you out. I’m just so happy I decided to tale a chance with these products, and I’m definitely a costumer for life! I wish I could really explain how happy I am. I feel like myself again, and I am so grateful for Kitty Candy.

S Howard

I can’t say enough good things about these products! I just received my order from the 50% off sale. I always stack up whenever there is a sale and I purchase regular price as well. I had just made a purchase 3 days before the sale and when I received the email that an anniversary sale was for a limited time only I was bummed out because I received the email hours after the promo had ended. This beautiful spirit reopened the sale and extended it to me! I was so happy and thankful!! I tell every woman that will listen about your products...they work...they work...they absolutely WORK! I’ve NEVER had any adverse reactions or issues period. I believe I first tried KITTYCANDY the latter part of November and I can’t stop won’t stop raving about it. I implore any woman that is skeptical because you’re extra sensitive or simply scared to try use something new in your sacred area to trust your instinct and try’ve used what the doctor’s prescribed and didn’t think twice about it and it didn’t help. ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS is enough for me. Besides....God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear! I’m a customer for life🙌🏾 Thanks again KITTYCANDY!

Brittini Bowden

I’m definitely a customer for the rest of my life




Ive been using the Kitty Bar and I have definitely been noticing some amazing changes. I just bought an Elixir and the kitty wash and I can’t wait to try it.


I loveeeeeee the elixir. Omg it smell so good and my flower is so soft.


I have ordered the Extractor twice now and it works great! I have always felt like I’ve had an odor my hygiene is great but I am a plus size women. I can honestly say I am soooooo much more confident now I will continue to buy these products as long as I need too. Also the customer service is amazing I was asking a few uncomfortable questions and the answers where so professional and nice I really appreciate that it’s not easy talking about things like this.

Nikkole Cloud

Love the Kitty Elixir, smells good all day and I don’t sit in an office all day so it definitely passes the fresh test. Will be purchasing another one or two elixirs today!

Malana Turner

My second order for the Rapid relief kit. Ladies...this stuff is amazing and has worked out for me. The suppositories does everything it says in the description. I am so glad and blessed to have stumbled up on all the extremely Positive reviews on YouTube. The feminine wash is so refreshing and cooling and keeps me fresh the whole 10hrs I am at work. Now the Cake Elixir Is very moisturizing and smells like cake and that also kept me smelling fresh soft and supple all day I mean the scent stays until you shower! I am in love and the suppository work it reduced discharge kept my PH on point, no Oder at all. Like my kitty smelled like water...exactly No Smell!! I will never use over the counter products again because they are full of chemicals and made matters worse. Kitty candy are all natural and my kitty loves it. Just knowing what goes in my body is always a winner for me. Lastly Ms Madison is great dealing with any issues, concerns or questions because that is what you call meeting and exceeding all customers expectations. She will call you personally and give you a heads up when to expect her call. I mean what company that you know of, that the owner contacts you. This is why I will always support black owned businesses and I’m all for women empowerment. Her products are honest and so is she. I have yet to see or heard any bad reviews or comments.


First, the packaging was simple and discreet. Something which I like bc I don’t want everyone in my business while mailing. I order the elixir, effusion which smells amazing and lasted all day. The Extractor worked immediately and I’m satisfied.ill order again.


OMG!!!! I am so in love with these products I ordered the rapid relief, and wen I say it works AMAZINGLY!!!! The Effusion Elixir is EVERYTHING lasts all day long an the wash, wen I tell u my lady parts not only smell like NOTHING, but my skin down there is sooooo soft.... I'm a life-long customer!!!


So I was introduced to these products some weeks ago via Instagram and let me tell you..these products are EVERYTHING!! I ordered the Kitty Wash and an Elixir and these products work like no other! I am so pleased and gained a whole new level of confidence while using these products. Not only are the products amazing BUT the customer service is EXCELLENT. I am a new loyal customer!


YALL!!!!!!!! I tried the kitty wash and have been using the cherry elixir and BABYYYYY LET ME TELL YOU!!! I have been having issues with reoccurring yeast infections due to taking so many medications. I ordered the whole kit and have been using the wash faithfully as well as the elixir and I HAVE NOT HAD ANY PROBLEMS WITH MY KITTY YET!!! I have been given meds by my OB that seriously make the issues worse, so I decided to try this company after reading the reviews. My PH levels were ALL jacked up!! Even after drinking nothing but water and clean eating! I had an issue with my order and the customer service WAS SPOT TF ON!! I have been telling EVERYBODY about this company! The owner genuinely cares about us yall! Like seriously!!! You've got a supporter FOREVER!!!!!! My kitty thanks you!!!


So I’d been suffering from chronic BV for almost a year and it was so uncomfortable and embarrassing. When I say that it felt like I can sneeze too hard and the symptoms would start, I mean anything was throwing my balance off. I drink plenty of water, take my vitamins/supplements, I started wearing cotton panties and changing them throughout the day, all hoping it would help the BV. The doctors just recommended yoga and said it was stress since I’m a student or that my period throws me off (so come back every month for antibiotics? I think not!) So I started trying straight boric acid suppositories, monistat, coconut oil/tea tree (which helps temporarily), and finally came across KittyCandy! I bought the Extractor about two months ago and after my first period, I was excited but didn’t want to get my hopes up. Now I can say that this stuff is the bomb and I literally have 0 symptoms before my period, after my period, after sex, like everything is back to how it should be. I also recently bought the Effusion Elixir and lemme tell you something, kitty smelling like Skittles okay? Thank you so much for launching these products!


I am so grateful I heard about this product on YouTube. I have suffered from BV symptoms with little relief until I tried these products. The elixir alone has completely changed my kitty for the better. Now even when I don’t wear it there’s no smell at all! I hate that I ordered the colada though because my body does Not like pineapple for some reason but the Baby and Luscious elixirs are everything. They have become a staple in my daily hygiene routine I wouldn’t dare go without a moisturized kitty now!

Brittini Bowden

Got my pus smelling great!! Like roses 🌹❤️❤️🥰 LOVE YOU GUYS


LISTEN!!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE KITTY CANDY!!! These products are truly the I am rather in the sensitive side and these products have yet to irritate me in any way, shape, form or fashion. I love my Kitty Elixir. It smells so good and it drives my honey insane when I use it. My other favorite right now is the Balancer. I use it about 2-3 post period and I absolutely enjoy the results. Ladies give your Kitty a treat with Kitty Candy’s treats. Thank me later...Enjoy!!!


I was having weird and strong citrus smell after taking a antibiotic for a bacterial infection. I emailed to ask about options to purchase since it was my first time. I received a response within 10min!! I ordered to Extractor (5 days). By the second day, I noticed a huge difference. By the third day, the scent was gone. Only, issue I had was that I wish the tube came pre-loaded. It was kind of hard to open the capsule packaging. Other than that, I will be recommending to friends, and trying out the Elixir. Thank you so much!


I ordered the extractor and the cake elixir and let me tell you...these products are beyond amazing! My order was initially sent back due to incorrect zip code, however I reached out to the owner and she immediately sent out another shipment to me!! Awesome customer service!!

Latoyla chambers

Hands down “THE BEST”!! Products are very natural not overpowering but powerful enough to give you confidence and reassurance!! Customer service is always consistent, prompt and professional.. I will NEVER purchase any feminine products anywhere else.. I absolutely love and recommend making KITTYCANDY your go to!!!

Grace Adams-Johnson

The owner and her staff the best customer service!!! What a wonderful and truly refreshing online shopping experience.

Jessica Chanel

I must say that these products are EVERYTHING! I bought the PH Balancing Foam Wash along with 3 elixirs. Let me start by saying shipping was much quicker than expected which is always a plus & the packaging was pretty discreet. Now ladies the PH Balance foam wash will definitely have you feeling so crisp & clean. The scent is perfect for the lady parts! I don’t think I’ve ever felt so refreshed. I chose 2 baby elixirs & 1 colada. They smell great and aren’t overbearing at all. I’m so happy to have came across the Kitty Candy page on INSTAGRAM. I swear I am a FOREVER customer! <3


This is my first time ordering and I will definitely be ordering again. I ordered the kitty Elixir( Yum yum and Colada). They smell amazing. The smell last all day! And a little bit goes a long way. I will be trying other products soon.


These products are so bomb! I love each and every one of them. Every pay period I buy a new elixir. I’m a college student so I budget to the “T”, so I can have every fragrance! Bomb bomb bomb


This is my 3rd time ordering and I am hooked! I bought 5 Expellers and 5 Balancers with the Valentine’s Day special. I would’ve bought 5 Washes as well but they were sold out🤦🏾‍♀️. It was such a great deal I had to stock up! I already have 5 Elixirs...Cherry, Coloda, Cake, Luscious and Effusion. I’m getting Naked elixir next when I order the Wash whenever it restocks. As women our bodies can be easily triggered by the slightest thing and our PH is off. I’m extremely sensitive and Kitty Candy‘s products have changed my life. I will stay stocked up lol! Love & Light ladies. Tell a friend to tell a friend! We have to share this information!!

Mocha Love

I soooooo Love Love Looove the products and how super effective they are. I would recommend ANY GODDESS to self care the Kitty Candy Shwaaay ❤. Thanks for being so awesome


Customer for Life


I just wanted to thank you guys for your amazing customer service! I received some products that were damaged due to poor handling in delivery. I emailed you guys to inform you and to possibly receive a replacement. Not only did they respond immediately, they also replaced my full order! The packaging looked great and this time all of the products came in perfect shape. Thank you so much I am definitely a lifetime customer! Cant wait to see this product in stores!!!God Bless You!!

ImaniZahkia Newton

I love the products and it’s a great way to keep up with my ph balance and treating kitty I will be ordering again and inviting others to do so too Thank You so much


i have 5 of the 8 elixirs, the douche , the Balancer, 2 strawberry scrubs, the bar soap, and just ordered 2 of the foam washes... and about order another lol ... I loooovvve Kitty Candy products.. I Love the strawberry scrub followed with the Luscious elixir. But I love all the Elixirs

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