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1 oz | 30ml 


Baby baby baby

baby babbbbbbby…..


Honestly, it is the perfect classic powdery baby fresh scent which smells very much like Johnson’s baby powder so it reminds you of everything that is pure, innocent, and calm such as white feathers and the innocence of a baby. Pamper yourself and lavish your feminine area when you wear the pleasant Kitty Baby Elixir.


This delightful scent infused in fresh and soapy clean smell has a softness of baby powder. It has the same comforting aroma of baby powder that will take you on a nostalgic journey through the pleasures, the innocence reminiscent of the clean, classic scent that is soft and familiar.


Kitty Candy®️ Kitty Baby is infused with sweet strawberries and refreshing vanilla to enhance the most sacred area of a women’s body’s. Kitty Luscious is handmade and derived from organic plants, fruits and oil to aid in deodorizing, moisturizing, balancing and neutralizing the outer feminine area for all day freshness!


Baby Kitty Elixir

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