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Botanical Recovery Treatment

Steaming Detox

without mess

4oz | 120ml

Kitty Candy ™️ KITTY DETOX is a natural tincture formulated to remove toxins from the outer feminine area while indulging in your daily bath.This Detox is filled with botanicals conducive to female sexual reproductive health. With a rich herbal blend of extracts, this stimulating aloe based tincture will purify and remove toxins out of the feminine area without the messy herbs of steaming.


Kitty Detox is a homeopathic remedy formulation that supports the body’s natural detoxification processes and a holistic approach to help restore feminine health and confidence.The detox will have a cooling sensation as the herbs and extracts penetrate the epidermis. Allow yourself to soak and soothe while the detox does it’s job.Please do not place detox inside of the vagina

Kitty Detox

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