Kitty Candy®️ THE BALANCER
Have you ever wanted to immediately cease the after effects post your menstrual cycle? Does the lingering symptoms that are associated with the end of your menstrual cycle persist and plague you for days or weeks? This part of feminine life can be a quite a nuisance and disrupt your intimate life!
Kitty Candy ®️The Balancer has uniquely formulated an all nature product to aid in banishing of unwanted odors, discharge and symptoms after your period! Allowing you more confidence to enjoy a harmonious and symptom free vaginal environment!Treat yourself to a vaginal refreshment after your period.
Kitty Candy ®️ The Balancer is all organic and 100% natural with pure ingredients that will refresh and give your vagina a ultimate cleanse after your period.

Kitty Candy ®️ The Balancer aids in the:
Balancing your vaginal pH 
Eliminates discharge after menstrual cycle
Dispels lingering odor 
All natural 
Chemical free
Relieves feminine discomforts 

Kitty Candy ®️The Balancer- two (2) suppositories for after you menstrual cycle to aid in the balance of your ph levels, dispel lingering vaginal odors and discharge. What makes our products different? Unlike other treatments, Kitty Candy Suppositories utilizes beneficial ingredients that add moisture while balancing your feminine area!
Boric Acid 800 mg,Antiseptic Organic coconut oil 4 mg,Antiviral/Anti-fugalVitamin E (Tocopherols T50 ) 4 mg,Antioxidant Organic Aloe Vera powder 50mg Antibacterial
Throw out all those chemically formulated and toxic products that temporary neutralizes and mask the problem! Banish the symptoms naturally with Kitty Candy ®️ The Balancer every month after your period and not worry about long term effects of pharmaceuticals drugs and medicines!

The Balancer